Here is an elaborate open source wrapper program for libdvdread, mencoder, dvdauthor, and mkisofs; In normal talk that means its a program for copying your DVDs, for FREE!

Quick HOWTO:
  • Run main.bat
  • Choose device, output directory, and action
  • Sit back :D


pretty much does it all, copies encrypted dvds, shrinks it,
creates and ISO image which you can store for later use, or burn immediately of course.
Uber cool and simple mencoder/mplayer wrapper which can detect
a lot of information about your video, and even convert it to NTSC/PAL (S)VCD or
DVD format... Virtually all format supported by mplayer are supported! WOW! I know
no more crazy CLI mencoder sessions!

Included in binary distro:
mplayer, mencoder, mplex, mpeg2enc, mpeg2desc, jpeg2yuv, dvdauthor, dvdunauthor, mkisofs, spumux, spuunmux; All are opensource applications, contact me for more information.

Known Bugs/Unfinished Nooks:
  • Only audio track #1 is encoded, regardless of language
  • No subtitle options
  • Code cleanup needed
  • Other program binaries compiled 'out of house'
  • No aspect ratio magic yet (like cropping 16:9 to 4:3)
  • May have problems with files over 4.xGB (untested....)
  • Somewhat immature, I basically stopped coding when it did what I wanted

Note to the lawyers:
People are entitled to copy their legitmately owned dvds for back-up purposes;
I am not interested in your opinions on the issue and would appreciate no contact unless you have
something positive to say! All C&Ds will be ignored. However, I may take it down if your CEO can beat me in a sanctioned MMA fight....

I only really wrote a small portion of the software presented and would like to thank all the projects that have made this program possible. Thanks Mplayer, dvdauthor, cdrtools, libdvdread, and mingw/cygwin to say the least.

dvd_copy -device device -out empty_directory -cmd action [-mb integer] [-all booleanvalue]

                File for device pointing to dvd, for example
                /dev/dvd, or an iso image
                Preferably empty/non-existing directory where this
                may store its temporary
                files, however choosing a directory with videos already
                present will result
                in them being converted and included.
                Action you would like performed on device or output directory
                Minimum number of megabytes for a title to be included(default 200MB)
                Zero signifies to copy only the largest title, otherwise all over the mb threshold are copied

Supported Command/Actions:
        rip, shrink, author, iso, all

Rip, will output VOB(s) to -out directory
Shrink, will shrink all video files to 4 GB
Author, will output a simple XML file and run it through dvdauthor
Iso, will run dvdauthor's output through mkisofs to create a DVD Video Image

        *The switches may be shortened, for example "-device" may be simply "-d"
        *Note "[]" brackets signify optional arguments,
         and are not used in the syntax

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